luni, 14 martie 2016

Increase Real Estate Sales

        I like to start my post with a few words said by Harvey MacKay: “The sale begins when the customers says yes, I like it”.  If you want to sell or rent your propriety you must convince the client to say “YES”.
        Evey new transaction starts with an online search on real estate websites. But on a market full of real estate websites you must attract customer’s attention with something new…the customer must be conviced that your propriety is exactly what he or she is looking for.
Noone likes to loose weeks or months looking for a house or for a commercial space so the way you choose to present your house or your space is of primordial importance.
        A good way to start preseting it is by creating a 360 virtual tour using tourwizard software. Your photos can be transferred into the virtual reality as it is and the customer will have the feeling of actually being on the scene. You must take care becauseif you will offer to many photos to the client, he/she will have no more reasons to come and see the real propriety.
Now, I will offer you a few tips for a succesfull video tour:
        1. Remove all cars from the driveway
        2. Your frond yard must look fresh
        3. Remove unnecessary object: toys, bicycles, trash
        4. Clean your outdoor/indoor furniture
        5. Open up the space by removing unnecessary furniture
        6. Use natural light
        7. Depersonalizare the place by removing photos, notes, paintings
Considering this 7 steps you will generate a premium virtual tour that will increase your chances to sell or rent your prorpriety faster than de classic way.

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