sâmbătă, 12 septembrie 2015

Decay in the old center of Bucharest

          Perhaps those who built the imposing buildings that found today in the old center of Bucharest turned in his grave when he realizes that everything built during the life went to greener pastures, or more importantly, reached the center of activities more than decadent. Imagine what mpresie would have any of boyars, or noblemen of past centuries when they see that their own house is nothing but centrulunor occupations not worthy as those mansions that Siau invested largely in wealthy homes that so many memories came bind them simple tolerance centers.
          The idea itself is not wrong, I feel completely normal existence erotic massage services, but abnormal is the place (area) that these specific services slums are offered today - practically ourselves to the guests, visitors that country or, more precisely a city of debauchery, which promotes things prohibited by law and ostentatious displays an image sick - what those people think when looking in card of the city (which is old center)
I can not find anything but brothels and neon signs on which is written large "erotic mass".
        The story of Bucahest is one sad little Paris of the East becoming a center of moravurior light only where it promotes prostitution, dirt of any kind and that no benefit Romania's image in the world (not that I have a very good image)