luni, 13 iunie 2016

How can Virtual Tour Software improve your business

The most essential thing that happens in the software industry is the fact that the most solutions are offering a demo mode, a way of testing all the necessary functionality, features, which is great as any potential buyer would be able to properly evaluate tha plus that a certain software solution (like a virtual tour creation software in our case) will bring on the table for adding value to his business.

Also, during this free period of time (that can vary in some cases from 2 weeks as long to a full month) the user will be able to understand how the software works and how to obtain the maximum out of each software solution, which is something like a free training.

And the final major advantage (from a client point of view) is the fact that he will be able to test for free a lot of solutions, compare the features, the value, pricing and support and finally choose the best platform that money can buy.

Also, some software solutions are using a very interesting model – named Freemium, which means that a user will be able to use some of the features of that software solution, but not all of them, without paying.

Now – as we are a real estate company, for us the most important software solution (and I mean important software solution in regards to our activity) is the virtual tour creator – and we are using Tour Wizard, after we tested it among other solutions as well.

The deciding factor was the fact that it brought the most value from all the virtual tour solutions that we tested last year, the price is really great (as it is really competitive) the features are more than enough, and it is simple to use – it is so simple, yet the support that we receive from the software provider is also great. SO – in our opinion we would rate 10 out of 10 points for Tour Wizard.

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